• Turn Your Data into Action

    We help innovative companies and organization convert their paper or spreadsheet based processes into digital, automated and data driven workflows.

  • Custom Workflow Apps

    Empower your field agents, project managers, sales reps, and many roles who were previous excluded from your IT systems.

  • Real-time Dashboards

    Stay in loop with all critical business metrics and KPIs at anytime, anywhere. Custom for your visual insights and provide drill-down analytics.

  • Three Steps to Run Smart with Skyline

    "Skyline is the best tool to help me keep my project teams in check." - Yang Yi, JSTP Engineering Inc.

    1. Learn Your Business

    Our specialist will sit down with you to learn the way you manage your organization: understand your goals, identify the challenges and discover the potential benefits of adopting Skyline for your business.

    2. Design Workflows

    We will work with you to design a set of critical workflows that can help your business run better, then we build prototypes rapidly for you to quickly try them out, collect feedback and iterate until it fits your needs.

    3. Build & Run!

    Get the Skyline App and Dashboard on everyone's phone start using it. You can choose either deploy Skyline on your own infrastructure or go with our on-cloud solution partnered with AWS or Microsoft Azure.

  • Why Choose Skyline?

    "We met with Skyline team on April 7th, and by May 17th we are running the new in-store ERP across the country" - Xinhua Qu, Lenovo Retail


    1-2 Week

    We deliver live demo and prototypes in days, and full-sized systems in weeks


    $ 10~100K

    No need for over-haul, keep your systems and build only the missing parts



    Work from anywhere and stay in loop with all your business processes


    Retail, Engineering, Agriculture

    Proven value in cost-saving, efficiency boost for clients in various industries

  • Client Stories

    "The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight." - Carly Fiorina, Former CEO of HP

    Mt. Boucherie Winery

    Vineyard/Winery| 2nd in BC Canada|Agriculture Management System

    • Shipped within 4 weeks after signing up.
    • Custom workflows for vineyard management, including block, variety, pre-harvest, harvest, crushing, etc.
    • Data-driven tracking of winemaking processes: inoculation, fermentation, racking and bottling.
    • All-in-one Pad app for in-field data collection and photo taking.
    • Block/variety reports, winemaking process reports, inventory/sales reports
    Lenovo - world's largest PC manufacturer


    World's Largest PC Manufacturer | CRM BI Logistics ERP Integration

    • Replace legacy SAP R3 in 200+ endpoint CS service stations
    • Establish workflow-driven customer support and endpoint sales processes
    • BI and analytics reports on customer satisfaction, sales and profit
    • All-in-one POS solution with elegant and intuitive UX 

    China First Automobile

    Retail| 3000+ franchisees|ERP Membership Wechat Marketing

    • Custom data-center management system with real-time monitoring dashboards.
    • Streamlines entire management workflows of monitoring, maintenance and emergency handling of the client's data center.
    • Automates emergency handling by connecting IoT sensors to staff mobile devices through Skyline engine.

    JSTP Petrochemical Engineering Inc.

    Engineering Contractor | 500~1000 pp| ERP CRM PM KPI BI

    • Digitise and automate the full Sales-Engineering-Finance cycle, including sales management, contracting, resource allocation, project management, billing and etc. 
    • Mobile daily collection of project progress, expenses and sales efforts Inventory/warehouse management for equipments and consumable items ROI, P&L reports/dashboards by region, client, project, etc.

    Shunze Gold Jewellery Retail Franchise

    Jewellery Retail & Finance| 1000+ franchisees| ERP CRM AI BI

    • Data-driven tracking and verification of franchisee’s sales, loans, inventory and payments
    • Real-time risk model computation and alerting
    • Mobile apps for offline workflows: BD, risk control and management
    • Sales reports, ROI/P&L reports by store, region, SKU category and etc.

    Kaizhang by iPaynow

    Retail/Culinary| 3000+ franchisees|ERP Membership Wechat Marketing

    • Data-driven tracking and verification of sales, inventory and payments
    • Establish cross-store membership management system
    • All-in-one Pad app for queueing, ordering, cashier and invoicing
    • Sales reports, ROI/P&L reports by store, region, SKU category and etc.
  • About Us

    Professional, Passionate and Result-driven

    The Team

    • Two Ph.D founders with 10+ yrs SaaS/SOA research background
    • Published 20+ papers/research reports
    • 15 elite engineers from Microsoft, Stanford, PKU, SAP, SUN/ORACLE, DMG
    • Combined 100+ yrs in enterprise Software

    Awards & Honors

    2015 Alchemist Accelerator (Top B2B Accelerator in SV)
    2015 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Shenzhen Division) - 2nd Prize
    2015 Dark Horse-SVIEF New Material Startup Contest (SV) - 1st Winner
    2014 “Chuang Qing Chun” National Entrepreneurship Competition - Gold Medal Awards
    2014 Funded by Nanjing 321 Plan - $160K + perks
    2013 Angelhack Beijing - Grande Prize Winners
    2011 Apple Campus DevCon - China National Winners
    2010 China Mobile DevCon - 2nd place out of 6000

  • Featured in the Press

    "Skyline has developed an engine that allows companies to develop their own enterprise software for a fraction of the price that major software companies would charge." - Peter Moreira, The Chronicle Herald

    Chronicle Herald

    Alchemist Accelerator



    People's Daily

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    Workflows transactions completed


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    Data-object storage

  • Contact Us

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